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Crime Stoppers and Metro Narcotics need your help. The drug problem in Jackson/Madison Co. is a problem that keeps Metro Narcotics on the run at all times.
With your help and phone calls we can keep the drug dealers on the run.

If you can tell us the name of a dealer, where they live and what time of day they are doing the most business,  Narcotics has a better chance of catching them in action - and that increases your prospect of getting a reward.

The hot drugs on the street now are Meth and Crack. If you know of anyone buying or selling these drugs, or any type drug, call Crime Stoppers with your information.                                   

Who knows, you may earn $1,000.00 with a simple phone call. Call 424-8477 or 1-888-781-8477 (TIPS)

E-mail us at