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DOB 1/10/54
    AGE 44

DOD 7/12/98

      Linda Grillo had told her grandchildren’s mother, Christy, she would babysit for her on Tuesday, July 14. After all, her grandchildren were her heart and any time with them was good. They made arrangements. If she wasn’t at Christy’s that morning, she was to bring the children to her. That Tuesday morning when Linda did not arrive, Christy and her mother headed over to Linda’s house with two of her grandchildren. When they arrived, Linda’s car was in the front yard. She was home but something was wrong. She did not come to the door when they blew the horn. Linda had some health problems in the past so they were concerned. Christy’s mother got out of the car and went to knock on the door. There was no answer so she walked to the back of her home. Finding the back door unlocked, she walked in. Calling Linda’s name, she walked to the back bedroom, checked the bathrooms and was walking out when she saw her. There on the floor, close to the dining table she found Linda lying in a pool of blood.

     Within a few minutes of receiving the call, the Madison County Sheriff ‘s Department had several officers at 2403 Ashport Road. Entering the home, officers found the body of Linda Grillo, dead from stab wounds. While the officers were on the scene, two of Linda’s co- workers from Sturdy’s Lounge arrived . They had been concerned when she had not reported to work on Monday night. They had tried to call her. Having no luck, they came to check on her. They were in disbelief; who could kill Linda?

     Linda Grillo was a survivor. She had health problems but she had always bounced back. According to her cousin, Linda had worked at Proctor & Gamble for about twelve years but because of her surgery in 1998, she was unable to return to that job. As a result of the surgery, she moved in with her mother for a while but soon, she felt the need for independence. She rented the trailer on Ashport Road and took a bartender job at Sturdy’s. According to all the people I talked to, Linda was someone you would like on a first encounter. She was attractive and very outgoing. Linda was the mother of a son and a doting grandmother of three. Her grandchildren were little stair steps; a newborn, a 1- year old and a 2-year old. She would tell anyone who asked that she was "Nana Linda" and proud of it.

     What happened the night of July 12? Who took a knife and ended the life of this daughter, mother, grandmother and friend to many. The family would like answers. They need to know why. Her grandchildren still ask for Nana Linda because they do not understand.
    The description that follows is of the last person seen talking to Linda Grillo at Sturdy's Lounge (also known as The Highway 70 Lounge) the last night before her death:

White Male
Mid to late 30's
Light Brown Hair (braided at the time)
Slim Build
Two day's beard growth
Long sleeve T-shirt under overalls
Walking with a limp and with the aid of a walking cane (from an injury supposedly from a motorcycle wreck earlier in the year)

     This  individual is just wanted for questioning.

     Can you help? If you have any information on this case please call Madison County Sheriff’s office at (901) 423-6009 or Crime Stoppers at (901) 424-8477 or