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Shopping Safety

  • Shop with a friend
    if possible

  • Avoid carrying too many packages to the car.  If possible, make several trips enabling you to have a hand free & unblocked vision






Crime stopping


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  • Avoid dark or isolated areas

  • If suspicious looking people enter an elevator, step off

  • Always have car key in hand before leaving the store

  • As you approach you car, visually check both sides of your car & underneath

  • Check the back & front seat for intruders; leave immediately if someone is seenIf a suspicious looking person is near your car, just keep walking  

  •   Report suspicious looking people to security guards

me Theft
housethief.jpg (104984 bytes)Prevention

Close & lock all doors; including cars and garages

  • Have good lighting outside and inside your home

  • Position lights to expose hiding places around shrubs, bushes,corners, garages and entrances

  • Be aware of how your residence appears from the outside ie: drapes and shades

Leaving Home

  • Leave lights on inside your home - have a friend or family member change to different lights,pick up newspapers & mail

  • Never leave a message on your answering machine stating you are not at home

  • Leave a TV or radio on

  • Leave a large dog chain or dog bowl in the yard

  • Leave more than one pair of shoes outside at the door

  • Have friends or relatives park cars in your driveway


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  • Check gas levels and general car maintenance prior to traveling

  • Always carry standard tools such as flashlights, first aid kits, tire changing tools and a spare tire

  • If you become lost, seek help at busy, well lit businesses

  • Notify friends & family of your travel plans and time & date of return

  • Have a telephone book available in your car

  • Never pick up hitchhikers; if someone is stranded don't stop, drive to the nearest police station for help

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